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Jocuri > Shooter
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 Flash Fodder Flash Fodder
Ai o misiune de executat care nu este...
(Played: 1,033 times)
13 Days in Hell 13 Days in Hell
13 zile au mai ramas, atat trebuie sa...
(Played: 3,755 times)
Antreneaza-te cum o fac profesionisti...
(Played: 1,139 times)
3D Tanks 3D Tanks
Inamicul a pornit cu tancurile campan...
(Played: 1,472 times)
A.L.I.A.S 2 A.L.I.A.S 2
The sequel to A.L.I.A.S, the best onl...
(Played: 0 times)
Against War Against War
Trebuie sa tragi in fiecare parasuta ...
(Played: 727 times)
Agent K Agent K
You are attempting to make it onto th...
(Played: 867 times)
Agent M69 Agent M69
KIll'em'all !
(Played: 721 times)
Agent-M69 Agent-M69
Impusca inamicii
(Played: 966 times)
AirFox AirFox
You've left the mothership, now make ...
(Played: 752 times)
Airwar Airwar
Joc shooter cu avioane. Ditsruge avio...
(Played: 850 times)
Alias Alias
Este un joc multe impuscaturi, elimin...
(Played: 1,144 times)
Alias 2 Alias 2
In aceasta parte a jocului ai misiune...
(Played: 1,022 times)
Alien Attack Alien Attack
Salveaza planeta de invadatorii extra...
(Played: 908 times)
Alien Clones Alien Clones
Impusca toate clonele extraterestre s...
(Played: 806 times)
Alien Showdown Alien Showdown
One man stands alone. Take out all th...
(Played: 692 times)
Alloy Tease Alloy Tease
Fight the street thugs and their anim...
(Played: 839 times)
Altex Altex
Fii rapid si impusca-i pe toti. Se fo...
(Played: 1,477 times)
America's Army America's Army
Esti gata pentru testul armatei ameri...
(Played: 2,686 times)
Area 41 Area 41
Shoot the cybernetic machines, collec...
(Played: 843 times)
Armada Tanks Armada Tanks
Distruge tancurile care ataca baza si...
(Played: 926 times)
Army of Destruction Army of Destruction
Extraterestrii s-au gandit sa ne inva...
(Played: 1,198 times)
Art of War Art of War
The Sovient Union has reformed and th...
(Played: 873 times)
Artillery Tower Artillery Tower
Tine piept invazie ca ultimul sold ca...
(Played: 865 times)
Asteroids 2000 Asteroids 2000
Another great asteroids game!
(Played: 640 times)
Attack of the Influenza Birds Attack of the Influenza Birds
Shoot down those infectious turkeys.
(Played: 788 times)
Bad Guys II Bad Guys II
The enemy has occupied the area. Its ...
(Played: 694 times)
Basted in Blood Basted in Blood
This town is blah shoot the turkeys b...
(Played: 671 times)
Bean Hunter Bean Hunter
Testeaza-ti indemanarea si impusca to...
(Played: 879 times)
Binladen Binladen
Trage in Binladen cu rachete,ocheste-...
(Played: 1,201 times)
Black Ops Korean Conflict Black Ops Korean Conflict
Esti un soldat din trupele speciale, ...
(Played: 887 times)
BloodShot BloodShot
Un joc scurt cu sniperul.Foloseste-ti...
(Played: 1,611 times)
Border Border
Shoot down the army from your helicop...
(Played: 726 times)
Boss Monster: HD Boss Monster: HD
Destroy the pesky humans by blowing u...
(Played: 839 times)
Bridge Shoot Bridge Shoot
Este un joc in care trebuie sa impust...
(Played: 1,132 times)
Brothers in Arms Brothers in Arms
Pentru cei care iubesc Counter Strike...
(Played: 1,326 times)
Buddy In Space Buddy In Space
Fight through 9 levels with items an...
(Played: 676 times)
Bulwark 53 Bulwark 53
Un nou joc atractiv cu impuscaturi.
(Played: 1,071 times)
Bunker Bunker
Trage in tot ce vine spre tine si apa...
(Played: 1,618 times)
Bush Shoot Out Bush Shoot Out
The Bush and Kerry election was close...
(Played: 946 times)
Buzz Lightyear's Buzz Lightyear's
Prietenul lui Woody din Toy Story cau...
(Played: 829 times)
Camper Strike Camper Strike
Shoot the targets in this cool target...
(Played: 727 times)
Cannon Blast Cannon Blast
Scufunda vasele inamice! Instructi...
(Played: 939 times)
Cannon v7 Cannon v7
Cannon este un joc in care va trebui ...
(Played: 1,241 times)
Canyon Shooter Canyon Shooter
Este un joc cu impuscaturi, actiunea ...
(Played: 853 times)
Capture The Flag Capture The Flag
A...weird game. You don't even have t...
(Played: 938 times)
Castle Under Fire Castle Under Fire
Defend your castle from attacking ene...
(Played: 950 times)
Choose Your 2012 Choose Your 2012
Tu decizi cum vrei sa se sfarseasca l...
(Played: 1,099 times)
Clay Pigeon Hunter Clay Pigeon Hunter
Shoot down the clay round frisbee dis...
(Played: 689 times)
Clear Vision Clear Vision
Esti un tragator de elita si primesti...
(Played: 1,624 times)
Clear Vision 2 Clear Vision 2
Este un joc in genul lui Hitman. Esti...
(Played: 1,522 times)
Coball Coball
Make all the balls disappear in the t...
(Played: 1,098 times)
Combat Heaven Combat Heaven
Esti soldatul viitorului dotat cu un ...
(Played: 978 times)
Commando Commando
Esti soldat in trupele speciale, dusm...
(Played: 1,053 times)
Condottiero Condottiero
Este un joc in care ai misiunea de a ...
(Played: 1,169 times)
Counter Punch Counter Punch
In this game you need to knockout all...
(Played: 752 times)
Counter Strike Lite Counter Strike Lite
Joaca un counter strike de antrenamen...
(Played: 1,187 times)
Counter Strike Training Counter Strike Training
Popularul joc de Counter-Strike, intr...
(Played: 1,192 times)
CounterStrike 1 CounterStrike 1
Unul din jocurile care se afla acum i...
(Played: 1,406 times)
CrackShot CrackShot
Poti sa infrunti toate provocarile? F...
(Played: 867 times)
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